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What is Brickhunter?

We are a company made to serve the brick buyer. We take on the challenge of navigating the sometimes overwhelming world of brick so you can focus on finding just the right product, with none of the hassle.

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15,000 Brick Options

When looking for bricks, where do you start?

Brick sizes, colors, and textures come and go all the time according to changing demand and the shifting availability of raw materials.

Whether you are looking for discontinued bricks or just a hard-to-find aesthetic, Brickhunter can deliver the bricks that meet your needs.

100M Brick Inventory

When you can't find them, We often can!

Each year, some bricks are discontinued; manufacturers close; local sellers run out of stock. What do you do when you have searched and can’t find your brick because it is discontinued or out of stock?

We keep track of brick production and inventory at over a thousand locations from coast to coast. Every day, we are doing the hard work for you.

24 Hours

Save time by calling Brickhunter.

We'll source them fast so you can focus on more important things. Our specialized technology allows us to find and ship bricks faster than was previously possible.

Imagine being able to find all your bricks quickly and easily in just one place. No hassle, no stress and no fuss. That's Brickhunter.

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