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Beautiful bricks carefully reclaimed
from across the US...

If you want lots of extra character not found in brand new bricks and want to be more eco-friendly then reclaimed bricks are perfect.

We have recycled, high quality, reclaimed bricks to suit any project, renovation or restoration.

Reclaimed brick have unlimited uses!

It is just as durable and strong and priced competitively!

Reclaimed Bricks USA

Reclaimed Bricks USA
Reclaimed Bricks USA
Reclaimed Bricks USA
Reclaimed Bricks USA
Reclaimed Bricks USA

Want to buy one of these reclaimed products? Call us at 423-664-8424 or use our online contact form!

How are bricks reclaimed?

  • Buildings are carefully demolished
  • The best bricks are then hand picked
  • Excess mortar is taken off and the bricks are cleaned
  • The bricks under go a quality check
  • Following a quality check the bricks are palletized
  • The reclaimed brick are now ready to ship

Antique and historic bricks

Antique and historic bricks

Along with reclaimed, our product range also includes antique and historical brick perfect for your next project.

We source aged but beautiful bricks which serve lots of purposes.

From little to large, from old to even older but with no compromise on strength and durability.

Brickhunter US can fulfill the needs
of any homeowner, builder, designer
or architect

Whether it's a rare brick or a brick from another part of the US, our team will go above and beyond to track it down for you so you can complete your dream project.