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Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaimed Brick

What is reclaimed brick?

Reclaimed brick is brick that has been used before. Instead of demolishing existing structures to make room for new construction, many people choose to deconstruct them, salvaging usable materials. The deconstruction process promotes sustainability and reduces waste by reintroducing old materials to the market, and it provides unique, attractive material options for designers and architects looking to add character to their projects.

Are reclaimed bricks durable?

The official statement from the Brick Development Association is that “for two-storey and three-storey domestic construction it is unlikely that strength requirements would limit the use of reclaimed brick.” Most reclaimed brick was manufactured before there was an industry standard for quality (BS EN 771-1), so their strength is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that exceptionally fragile bricks do not survive the reclamation process, and that your mason will avoid laying flaky or brittle bricks. For projects in which brick strength is extremely important, the BDA recommends that the bricks be tested before use.

Why buy reclaimed brick?

Many specifiers choose reclaimed bricks purely for their aesthetics. The old-school manufacturing and reclamation process give the bricks timeless charm and character. Others buy reclaimed bricks to benefit their communities. Buying reclaimed reduces the need to extract additional raw materials from the ground, reduces waste, and cuts down on the negative side-effects of manufacturing.

How much do reclaimed bricks cost?

Many factors affect the cost of reclaimed bricks, including the type of brick, the size of your project, and your proximity to the brick source. We always attempt to source brick as close as possible to your location, and freight can still account for much of the cost. It is best to call or email us for an accurate quote.

How many bricks do I need for my project?

Because reclaimed bricks come in a wide variety of sizes, it is impossible to know how many you need without knowing which bricks you want to use and what you will use them for. In general, seven bricks per square foot is a good estimate for reclaimed brick. Brickhunter recommends buying more than you need to account for breakage and repairs. Because quantities of reclaimed bricks are limited to the size of particular deconstruction projects, finding the same brick in the future is extremely difficult.

How can I see my brick?

Samples are the best possible way to understand the color, texture, and size of your bricks. A sample usually consists of 4-6 bricks that represent the bricks you are considering. To cover the cost of shipping them to you, we charge $9.99 for a sample. Reclaimed bricks are not uniform in size and color. Due to the weight and expense of shipping brick, returns are not allowed, so we recommend purchasing a sample every time.

What is your minimum order?

We require that you order at least one pallet of bricks – usually around 500.

Where will my bricks come from?

We source reclaimed brick direct from the site, from demolition companies, restoration companies, and wholesalers of reclaimed brick. Our reclaimed brick has been hand picked and cleaned from buildings all over the US. Because the color of clay varies from region to region, brick color depends heavily on where it was produced. Whether you prefer the closest possible bricks or you have a distinct look in mind, we can fulfil the needs of your project.

How far in advance should I order my bricks?

For processing and shipping, we prefer that you order your bricks at least two weeks before you need them. In addition, reclaimed bricks are typically sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, so ordering early is the best way to ensure that you can build with the bricks you like most.

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